Omar Series In English & Urdu Subtitles And Dubbing

Omar Series In English & Urdu Subtitles And Dubbing

Historical drama, “Omar”, rz. It tells the story of Omar Ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him), a companion of Muhammad (SAW) and influential ruler who oversaw the radical expansion of the Islamic empire in the 7th century. century.

If you have read the  “The Sealed Nectar” (The Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW) or have listened to the lecture series on The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)you will enjoy watching this series, as it helps in visualizing the time, place and events that led to the rise of one of the greatest empires the world has seen.

This stunning series of 30 episodes clearly demonstrates Al-Farooq’s path and values of equality, good governance, justice, tolerance, wisdom, compassion and leadership, making him one of the most respected men in our tradition. Made one

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Omar Series In English & Urdu Subtitles And Dubbing

The Omar series highlights the glorious life of Umar ibn al-Khattab. And his achievements as a ruler.

The epic drama presents historical facts about the second true guided caliph of Islam.

Directed by Hatim Ali and aired on MBC1, the Omar series was originally released in Arabic and then dubbed in other languages including Urdu.

It starts with Hazrat Omar delivering speeches to the Hajj pilgrims. The next scenes take him into his life before he converted to Islam when he was hostile to the Prophet of Islam.

The series then traces all the events of his past life when he was a young wrestler and businessman who worked under his father.

The later part of the play shows how he became a pious leader.

In addition, the script and screenplay of the Omar series successfully praised his greatness for the beauty and poetry of the Arabic language.

Omar Series In English & Urdu Subtitles And Dubbing





It also drew criticized the portrayal of the four rightly guided caliphs and other companions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Nevertheless, many Muslims have endorsed the show in order to accurately portray the historical events of Omar Ibn al-Khattab’s life.


The series has gained outstanding reviews and ratings from the audiences as well as critics.

IMDb rating: 9.1/10.

Google users rating: 4.9/5.

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