Ibrahim A.S Full Movie In English Urdu And Other Languages

Ibrahim A.S Full Movie In English Urdu And Other Languages

Life of Messengers of Allah are certainly always a good example for our life today. So learning to understand the different pearls of wisdom of their lives will be very useful for us.

Ibrahim, known in the Hebrew Bible as Abraham, was given the title of ‘Khalilullah’, which means ‘Friend of Allah’. #Ibrahim (PBUH) was the forefather of many great prophets and is revered in all major revealed religions, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Ibrahim (AS) is one of the 25 prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. He is also one of the five prophets of Ulul’azm (Arch-Prophets) because these five prophets have books and divine religious laws. These five prophets of Allah are Noah [Nuh (A.S.)], Abraham [Ibrahim (A.S.)], Moses [Musa (A.S.)], Jesus  [Esa (A.S.)], and Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Ibrahim (A.S.) is mentioned by name 69 times in Quran.

Different Islamic scholars have different traditions about the age of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). Some say that he lived for 169 years, some say that he lived on earth for 175 years and some say that Ibrahim (AS) was 195 years old.

Ibrahim A.S Full Movie In English Urdu And Other Languages

However, all the traditions show that Ibrahim (AS) lived on earth for more than 150 years.

Ibrahim (A.S.) is a prophet who is tested by Allah and despite severe trials and challenges, Ibrahim (A.S.) was shown as a servant who kept his promise and always showed a respectable attitude. As Allah says in Al-Quran:

“And of Ibrahim (Abraham) who fulfilled (or conveyed) all that (what Allah ordered him to do or convey)” (Surah An-Najam: 53:37)


Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was the son of Azar bin Nahur, Ibn Sarough, Ibn Raghu, Ibn Phaligh, Ibn Ahr, Ibn Shalih, Ibn Arfghshand, Ibn Sam, Ibn Nuh (A.S.). Ibrahim (A.S.) was born in the ancient city of Ur in Chaldea, also known as Babylon or Babylon (present-day Iraq).

He was born in a pagan home and his father was a famous idol maker. As a child, Abraham used to see his father carving these idols out of stone or wood.

At that time some people worshiped idols of stone and wood, some people worshiped planets, stars, sun, and moon and some people worshiped their kings and rulers.

Allah Almighty has blessed Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) with spiritual understanding from an early age. Allah says in the Qur’an:

“Indeed We bestowed aforetime on Abraham his (portion of) guidance, and We Were Well Acquainted with him (as to his Belief in the Oneness of Allah etc)” (Surah Anbiya: 21:51)

In his early childhood, Abraham (pbuh) realized that his father had made strange sculptures. One day when he asked about his father’s creation, his father said that these were idols of gods.

Ibrahim (A.S.) saw that the statues that his father had made did not eat or drink and he was unable to speak, even if someone turned him upside down, he was unable to get up and stand up.

How do people imagine that these statues can do them any harm? The people of Ibrahim (AS) had a big temple full of idols. The largest statues were placed in the middle of the temple.

Ibrahim (A.S.), who used to go to Jerusalem with his father as a child, despised all these idols made of wood and stone. What surprised him was that when his people entered the synagogue, they showed humility and respect in front of the statues.

They even kept crying and begging for different things as if the statues heard what they were complaining and talking about. At first this scene seemed ridiculous to him but later he started getting angry.

What added to the problem that his father wanted him to become a pastor when he grew up?

He wanted nothing more from his son but to respect these statues from Ibrahim (AS), yet Ibrahim (AS) never stopped expressing hatred and disgust towards him.

Ibrahim A.S Full Movie In English Urdu And Other Languages





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